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Dorom © 1996

A novel by Christian Bertrand

Welcome to my on-line novel. The whole thing is here, and I’m allowing you to read it for free. There’s no catch, but I expect you to follow my requests. More importantly, I expect you not to break the law. This book is copyright, and I have taken steps to protect myself from plagerism and theft. As the author I find it hard to catagorize Dorom as fantasy, Sci-Fi, Drama, or Romance, so let me just say that it is fiction. You probably have never read anything like it before. I know I have not!

The content of this book is geared to people over the age of fourteen. In short it is a cute story about angels and humans.

When I was a boy, my father would read me a chapter of a book every night. The chapters, most of which had names, were short and entertaining. They kept my mind active way after he had tucked me in and left the room. My hopes are that my first novel, here in its entirety, can do the same for young and old.

The painting is from Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.

By downloading any chapter of this book, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

You will not electronicaly redistribute the text.

That is you won’t email the file or files to anyone else. You won’t copy the files to anywhere but your hard drive, (no floppies, no ftp sites, no etc.) If someone else wants the book, tell them where to get it.

You will only print one hardcopy.

One means one. Not two, not three, and not any number greater than three. You can print none if you like. After you’ve read your hardcopy, you can give it to a friend to read. Don’t photocopy you’re only hardcopy, cause that would make two.

You will not alter the text.

You will leave every spelling error alone. Leave every paragraph unshifted. Including the header portion of each chapter where I tell whoever may be reading it that its mine. This is my work, not yours. Keep off the grass.

Do not sell this book.

If you print it out on expensive paper and you’re trying to recooperate some of the cost off a friend, too bad. If you’re a publisher then you know better, (write me and I’ll be glad to talk to you).

Common Law.

Of Course, all laws local and international apply.