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Joel, Meribah, Marc, Lily and Petal found themselves on a large stage with God. Around them stood all of heaven’s Dorom and Soron. They stood in the centre of George’s and Nathanial’s arena. Billions of people circled them, on the inclined floor and in the balconies. People from earth, planet 3007, and everyone of its sisters.

“Welcome, my children.” God said quietly, but everyone in the arena heard him. “Before we start, I’d like to thank George and Nathanial and all of their friends who worked on this stadium. And I would like to thank the five Dorom who stand on this stage with me, and who draw their last breaths as Dorom.”

The five travellers bowed, and joined their brothers and sisters in the crowd.

“The Seventh Day is over, a new day has begun.” God looked at His lambs, and His eyes seemed to look at each individually. “You have been named the sleeping angels because your senses are not awake. Of the senses that you do use, you use them only as much as is necessary to survive.” God lifted his hands above his head. “It’s time to wake!”

Every angel grew in age. Marc, his friends, and those Dorom who were eight years in appearance aged twenty years. Petal and all young children grew to eight, nine, and ten years of age. No one stayed physically the same, but more important was what happened to their minds and their senses. Ears could hear and discern sounds that came from across the arena. Eyes that had only seen a blur on the stage, now saw their God in detail. Tongues could taste the air, and set apart different particles. Fingers could feel the air, and when they touched other objects they could feel imperfections and details that were never noticed before. Noses took in faint smells, and could identify people all around them by their scents. Minds grew and opened, and they reached out and found that they could talk with one another and understand each others feelings and thoughts. They had whole conversations in fractions of seconds. This new form of being was acutely more intense than soulmelds. It was like waking from a deep sleep.

“Now,” said God, “now is the day of the Tourom. We have but to let the Tourom of Paradise know that they are not alone. It’s time for them to see the green that lies under the clouds, and the yellow that floats above the clouds, and their brothers and sisters that lie beyond the clouds. Heaven will no longer have any borders.”

“So what are you going to do?” asked Marc.

“Well I guess I’m going to go with Joel,” said Nathanial. “He’s going back with Meribah and her parents. I think that they are going to get a smaller ship, and sail the seas together.”

“I thought as much. I haven’t had the chance to talk to him since the awakening.”

“And you?” Nathanial hugged him tightly.

“Were going to travel with Lily’s people. They’ve got a pretty good city there, and they’re decent people.” Marc pushed Nathanial back and looked at him closely. “I’ve got an idea though.” He sent his idea to Nathanial using one of his new senses. “So are you in?”

“How could I say no to an idea like that?” Nathanial grinned widely.