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“Welcome Peter, welcome Andrew.” God greeted and hugged them. “Heaven has been made anew, and the planets are waiting. Now we must remake the planets. Peter you will give them the cure, and Andrew you will give them the food.”

“With us, we have two brothers. Peter and Andrew Smith,” introduced the International News Network’s anchor woman. “Peter claims that he has the cure to cancer and AIDS in one medicine. His brother, claims that he has a vitamin rich plant that will grow in any soil. And that his plant will push back and eliminate the deserts. How can any plant do that, and how can a single man cure the plagues of our time?” she asked.

Andrew smiled and said, “Through the glory of God.”

“Uh, okay. We’ve got two scientists, who have been studying the brothers’ creations for the last two days, on satellite,” the anchor woman looked up to the monitor. “Doctor Kuznik is the plant rich in vitamins, is it eatable, and will it grow anywhere.”

“The plant is all that Andrew promises. And I believe that it will push back the deserts, not overnight, but faster than any other possibility.”

“And Doctor Duval,” the anchor woman looked to the other monitor, “the cure?”

“This medicine does cure AIDS and has neutralized every cancer that is known to us.” The doctor was shaking with excitement. “And from what my team reports, it will open doors to cure many other diseases. It will cause a chain reaction. We will all die of old age.”

The anchor woman looked back to the camera, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say. We were expecting a hoax until just short minutes ago. Andrew?” She turned to where the brothers were sitting. “Andrew how did you…” She looked around frantically, but the brothers were gone. “Where the hell did they go?”

Lucifer walked quickly to where Peter was waiting for him. This was the third time he had been late. He kept getting caught up watching earth, things were changing fast. Peter seemed to have been waiting for a some time, he was looking at Paradise. Lucifer looked at it also, he still couldn’t get used to the new Paradise with all of its colours.

“Sorry Peter, I was daydreaming again,” Lucifer said.

Peter turned around, only it was not Peter. Lucifer looked straight into the eyes of God. “Peter couldn’t make it today, he had to go to planet 46345. He asked Me if I could sit in.”

Lucifer put out his hand. “It’s been a long time.”

God shook his hand, pulled him close and hugged him. “It’s only been a couple of days.”

“I meant it’s been a long time since I’ve played against a good player.” He laughed and was happy to see that God laughed with him.

Marc and Nathanial carried the five metre log on their shoulders. Nathanial shouted over his shoulder to Marc, “Are they all going to be this long?”

Marc laughed.

Meribah and her mother, Tyla, walked behind the two men carrying a log of equal size. Tyla called ahead to Meribah, “Men, always playing instead of working.”

Meribah laughed.

They came to the lake where Lily Petal swam with her cousins Ivy Petal and Oak Branch. Cap’n and Oak cleared the land where the log cabin would sit, while Lily and Ivy picked up rocks and rolled them away in their wheelbarrow.

Joel came forward to help Marc and Nathanial with their log. “It’s going to be the perfect summer house.”

“Yeah,” grunted Marc shifting the log. “I wasn’t counting on two stories though.”

“We’ve got nothing but time.” Joel gritted his teeth, as Marc let him take the weight of the log. Marc sat on the ground. Joel smiled, “Besides, we’ve got a lot of water to quench our thirsts.”

From on the lake someone yelled, “Water! Water!”. Marc and Joel looked up to see and old man in a canoe. He was in the midst of crossing the lake. “Water! Damn you boys, it’s my water. I seen it first.”