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The day was like every other day they had experienced since the boys came to heaven. It was like being in an air conditioned building all the time. The only colours they ever saw were the blue sky and the white clouds. They had not seen a sun since they left earth.

Heaven was beginning to be very monotonous to them. The air conditioned atmosphere never made them thirst. They had not eaten or wanted to since they arrived. A cool breeze never came, not that it was needed. They would sleep when it became dark outside, it was more of a habit than a need. Their feet never became tender, and their muscles never became sore.

Marc and Joel walked down the road which would dip and turn and climb. They talked of their times on earth, of their former lives, and past friends. The day wore on, but their only way of knowing was that the bells rang five.

“You know what I miss, Joel?” asked Marc, but the only response he got was a ‘wut?’. “I miss the sun. There was a time in my lives, when the only way I could find out what time it was, was to look up at the sun.”

“Yup! I kinda miss the sun myself. The way it would warm cold and clammy skin, or make a pearl of sweat roll down my face. I used to lay and bask in the sun for hours,” said Joel.

“Eh! I wish that instead of those silly bells the sun would be our only clock. A great big yellow hour hand above silently ticking away the time.”

As Marc finished his wish, the grey-like environment left them. A large yellow disk now hung above them lighting up all their surroundings, and instantly taking away the cold from their skins. The newly made sun melted away the cloud fields which gave way to long stems of grass. The grass was many shades of inviting green. Heaven, or at least their part of heaven, was two colours richer. And Marc and Joel saw that this was good.

They walked until dusk, their first dusk, and then they fell asleep in the newly born grass.