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“Come my children!”

They awoke slowly and comfortably from their sleep. They were surrounded by Sorom and Sorem who wore green and blue robes. The angels wore peaceful expressions, and looked at the Dorom in awe. A Sorem came forward and took Marc’s hands in hers and led him away. Joel, Lily, Meribah and Petal all were treated in the same way. As they were led away, the angels began to sing.

Your lambs have come home, Lord,

Waken and see.

Your lambs have come home, Lord,

Waiting for thee.

Born is your new day, Lord,

Answer our plea.

Born is your new day, Lord,

Set your love free.

Your lambs have come home.

Come finish your tome.

Born is your new day.

This day we did pray.

Your lambs have come home, Lord,

Your lambs have come home.

Meribah was not sure how far, how long, or if she had travelled at all, but when the song ended the Sorom were gone and their surroundings were new. They stood by a lake surrounded by tall brown mountains on one end and thick trees on the other. The sun overhead warmed their bodies which were still cold from the night’s sleep or the morning’s travel.

The deer and the pony tailed man walked side by side across from them on the other side of the lake. They came to a weathered boulder black and grey in colour. The man touched the rock with his hand and whispered something quietly. The boulder moved, then it stood up, and took the shaped of an old man, a lumpy and rocky old man. The rock-man took the pony tailed man’s hand, and they both held one of the deer’s antlers. The three creatures grew blurred, and indistinct; Their colours melded, and shifted.

When the shape stabilized, there stood one man, not as old as the rock, not as young as the man, and not as innocent as the deer. He held all knowledge in his eye, and all love in his soul. He had the grace and the pride of the deer as he walked across the lake and towards them. Then he coughed, and his over round belly showed itself, and his wrinkled and worn face twitched.

He looked at their expressions and grumbled, “Not exactly what you expected is it? Do you know how hard it is to keep that omnipotent look all the time?”

Everyone, including Petal, knelt in front of the man. Joel, cleared his throat, “Lord, is it You?”

“Joel,” God crossed his legs and sat on the ground beside the travellers, “you know it’s me. You and your friends have travelled far, so…” God smiled and said in friendly voice, “What do you want?”

“Lord, do You not know?” asked Meribah.

“Know what? Know why you have travelled all this way to see me? Does that surprise you? I’ve started the universes dear, I don’t control them.”

“My apologies.” Meribah looked nervously at Marc.

Marc nodded to her, “Lord, You know our names but not our past?”

“I observe many things from heaven, and I miss many things.” God shifted his intensive stare toward Marc. “But one thing I never miss, is the birth of a Dorom. I know you all from your births.”

“Then Lord,” Marc said, “our story might take some time. Would you like to use telepathy?”

“No, there are times when telepathy is good, but I believe that this is not one of those times.” God gestured to Marc, “Why don’t you start the tale, when you are tired Joel can continue. Then Lily, Meribah, and finally the Miss Lily Petal can tell their accounts.”

Marc nodded and told God of the chess games between Peter and Lucifer. He explained Lucifer’s request, and their meeting. He relayed Lucifer’s message that he missed Him. Joel picked up the story and narrated their encounter with the council and their judgement. He told them of the first four days. Lily talked quickly about the next six days, and Meribah about the next eighteen. Petal talked in depth about the following twelve, and mentioned the animals that they had met.

“Well,” said God, “your quest is ended. If you want me to say that you are not infected,” He looked to Marc and Joel, “then I will. I think that the Sorom were only afraid of you, and, not knowing what to do with you, they expelled you. You never were infected.”

“Lord,” Joel said nervously, “I would like more. I would like to know the answers to lifetimes of questions.”

“Joel, there is no book of answers.” God touched Joel’s knee, and pushed up his chin. “What you want is to go back, isn’t it?”

“Yes Lord. Heaven’s for angels, not for Dorom.”

“Well said. But I know something that you do not.” God stood up. “Want me to let you in on a secret. The time of Sorom, Dorom, and Soron is over. Give me a year, if you still are not happy, I will send you back.” God smiled and snapped his fingers.