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“You three go ahead.” Lily stood up and started to walk away. “Petal and I will go and find something to eat. It’s important to watch the TV, but someone has to feed us. You can fill us in on what we miss.”

“Alright then.” Marc turned the television on. “TV start at Day Two, but show us the abridged version.”

“Good thing you remembered.” Joel sat beside Marc, and leaned back on his roll. “Because I didn’t.”

The picture became …

… that of God creating another universe. It was totally separate from that of the planets and stars. Once in the new universe He had the angels build heaven. Instead of millions of floating spheres, He had them make a large flat world that continued forever.

God called over a thousand of His angels. “You shall be the ones who will continue to make My kingdom after today. The kingdom of God should have no boundaries. You shall always work to keep My kingdom growing, but you shall be rewarded for your diligence.”

A large heavy-set angel came forward. “You have chosen us because we enjoy creating. We need no reward save the fulfilment of our tasks.” The other angels nodded and agreed.

“Then I will give you artistic freedom to create heaven in the manner you chose.” God looked to see if any angels outside this group were listening. “Freedom that is, outside of Paradise city.”

“You’re too gracious.” The large angel bowed and motioned to his siblings. They left what was soon going to be Paradise, and never returned.

God then began guiding his remaining angels in the construction of homes, and community buildings, and His throne. Then Day Two ended.

“Lucifer, come let us hear you sing,” God asked.

Lucifer looked up from where he was working on a new lifeform. A lifeform that could move as the angels moved. He raised an eyebrow, and inhaled to calm his frustration. “Yes, Lord. I am coming.”

“Daytime is for work, Lucifer. Your lifeform can wait until tomorrow.”

“You are right Lord.” Then Lucifer sang.

“TV pause. Here. I’ve found an apple grove a couple of kilometres from here.” Lily laid down her blanket which was filled with apples. Petal who was again fastened to her waist, was already eating an apple.

“You walked two kilometres and back, with apples?” Marc looked up at the sun. “What time is it?”

“Late morning.” Lily sat down with everyone else. “Learn anything?”

“Only why heaven’s terrain is so diverse. Why some times we’re in a desert and the next second in a forest. There’s a thousand angels out there building heaven the way they feel it should be made,” said Meribah.

“I think they’ve done a good job,” Marc assured Meribah.

“I think they’re still doing a good job,” said Petal. “TV continue.”

The picture became …

… “Go forward with the tools I have given you. Plant trees, and grass, and leave water for them to feed. In that water plant weeds, and sponges and anything that will grow. Go to every planet that can sustain such life and leave it there to continue after we are gone.”

The angels did so. Then the Third Day was ended.

“Lucifer, come sing for our weary minds,” God called to Lucifer.

“Lord, my fish is nearly finished. He eats and breaths in the waters we have made. I’ve but to find a way for it to reproduce. Similar to Your seeds, but different,” Lucifer pleaded.

“Very well,” God smiled his patient smile, “Bintanin shall sing in your place.”

“Yes Lord,” said Bintanin, and he sang.

… “Today we shall join Lucifer in his research for animals that will live in our oceans and our lands.”

“Lord I’ve finished my fish.” Lucifer brought it to God. “Do You approve?”

“A splendid thing you made. Take it now and give it a home on every planet where we have planted.” God smiled at His angel.

“Lord,” Michael, the sword, came forward, “I’ve made a fish that will eat Lucifer’s to survive.”

“Good. That is how we will do it. One animal shall live off the other.” God directed everyone to do as Michael had done. “Now plant your fish where Lucifer planted his.”

“Lord!” Danial, the quill, came to God. “I’ve noticed that on the different planets, Lucifer’s and Michael’s fish have changed so that no two planets now have the same fish.”

“You speak of evolution and adaptation,” God said.

“Then you know, Lord?” asked Danial.

“Yes, I know. I’ve planned it. My planets are to be diverse.”

When Lucifer and Michael heard of the mutations, each was disappointed. Then the Fourth Day ended.

“Lucifer come sing for us.” God asked of His angel.

“Lord, I am saddened by this evolution. I had hoped that my creations would stay pure. I cannot sing.” Lucifer sat down uneasily.

“Lucifer, I did not mean for you to be saddened. To better things, tomorrow you and Michael can work together, on a special project for planet 3007.” God smiled as he could see that Lucifer and Michael were now happier. “Bintanin!”

“TV pause.” Marc looked to Joel. “In the Bible they never said anything about a day of research. Wasn’t the fourth day where He made the sun and the moon?”

“That, I think, was just man’s interpretation. After all, man is the centre of the universe,” said Joel sarcastically. “Billions of planets, and we thought that he would take time out to make the sun and the moon.”

“You’re right,” agreed Marc. “Petal if you’d please.”

“TV continue.” pipped Petal.

The picture became …

… that of Lucifer and Michael working through the night. By morning they had what they wanted and brought it for God to see.

“Lord,” Lucifer said proudly, “we have made lizards. Large and small which will eat off of the fish and each other, and any other animal which is planted there.”

“Planet 3007 shall be a marvellous place for these animals. And I will not dwindle in the affairs of that planet, while your animals live,” said God.

“Lord, thank you.” Michael bowed.

“Go now and plant your lizards.”

All of the projects that the angels had been working on the day before were finished by that afternoon, and everyone had begun to plant his creations.

“Lord?” Michael came to His throne.

“Michael, Lucifer, what can I do for you?”

“Lord, a large comet from the first day is about to hit planet 3007,” Lucifer said anxiously. “We need you to stop it. It could create a dust cloud and blanket the earth from the sun. Our lizards are will die. And even if they survive they won’t find enough food. Please.”

“Lucifer, I am sorry, but I gave you my word that I would not interfere.” God touched his head to show that He understood his sorrow.

“You are right, Lord,” Michael turned to leave. “I will go and help my brothers with their planting.”

“Lord, I will never sing to you again,” Lucifer shouted. “I will never lift my head from my studies, till the day that I shall be Your equal.”

“Lucifer, what are you saying?”

“I will no longer serve You. My lizards may die, but so will my songs.” Lucifer turned and began to leave.

“Lucifer, you are to leave my heaven. Do not return to this heaven.” God lowered his head and wiped a tear. He could not think of anything else to say.

“Lord,” came a soft voice.

“Danial, what are you about?”

“Lord, the lizards have died. With what will You replace them with?” asked Danial.

“Look.” God pointed to planet 2402. “On that planet I have made two angels like us, but not. They, like Lucifer have just sinned. I will plant them on planet 3007, and scatter their children throughout the universe.”

“How are they different?” Danial tried.

“They were able to reason, able to think, but were as pure as the animals. Two qualities not easily combined. But they disobeyed me. Now they more closely resemble us, but they do not know their full abilities. They use only a small portion of their potential. I will leave it that way, until I see that it should be different. And they will die of age, like all other life on the planets. When they die, they shall be reborn until they meet my requirements.”

“When shall you plant these… these sleeping angels?”

“We shall start planting them tomorrow,” God said firmly.

“Is it alright then to record your creation of these Dorom?” Danial started to scribble with his quill.

“Dorom, the sleeping angels,” God thought aloud. “Yes, record it. But remember, even though these angels are Dorom, they are your brothers and deserve respect.”

“Yes Lord,” said an embarrassed Danial.

Then ended the Fifth Day.

… The Sixth Day showed the angels planting the Dorom on the planets. God was very quiet on the sixth day. That evening He gathered His angels around Him.

“You have all done fine work. And you have shown me that you are independent. This is good, because I am leaving. You will run both universes until I return. I’ll be back in two days,” said God, then He left.

Then ended the Sixth Day.

“Hey, you Dorom,” Danial hollered over to the spellbound watchers. “It’s night again. Go to sleep.”