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The next morning, a hundred of Oak’s people followed Joel and Oak to the wheat field. Oak was walking slowly as if he carried something that he was trying to conceal.

Marc, Lily, and Rin were standing at the beginning of the wheat field. Lily and Marc were holding hands, and Rin was perched on Lily’s shoulder, the one opposite Marc.

Everyone was either in a festive mood or one of melancholy, and many hugs and farewells were given. A myriad of tears were shed for Lily as she was well liked. The city was losing their golden citizen. Her hair was already tied back with some vines which was normally only seen on outsiders. The people took Lily’s hair being tied as a foreshadowing of her never returning. But still, Utopians never let themselves be caught sad, or if they were sad, they would force a smile.

When things started to calm down, Oak said, “Please everyone, I have a few words to say in farewell. Shnaukim!” With that, all the surrounding people knelt down. Only Oak, Lily, their parents, Marc, and Joel stayed on their feet. “A time of parting has come upon us, and we as Utopians cannot be permitted to sulk. But instead, to show our grieving, I recommend that we never allow there to be a hundred people in our clan. The one hundredth place will always be reserved for Lily.”

The people all nodded in agreement, several claiming that the idea had been their own while others said that they were about to proclaim the same thing.

“Shnaukim! Please, Shnaukim!” hollered Oak, trying to get everyone’s attention so that he could resume his speech. “Before we let our friends continue on their journey let me say a few more things. As parting gifts I would like to give Lily this necklace made from the leaves of the Father Tree.” When Oak brought forth the necklace, many people caught their breath for no one had ever seen a lace of such beauty. “And to Marc I have already given my most cherished friend and also my sister.” All the people present gestured their accord. “Finally to Joel, I shall give a gift that no one in heaven has seen since the beginning of the seventh day. To Joel I give a gift, that can bring him joy and misery. But it is a gift that he will need in his quest, for in my dream last night I dreamt of him with this gift. I give to Joel the sword of archangel Michael.”

As Oak finished his speech many Soren, fell unconscious from the shock. The only sword ever made in heaven was being given to this earth-babe who was new to heaven. This was more responsibility than anyone there could ever handle.

After a time, when the gifts and the very last goodbyes given, the four set off through the field. The Utopians stood there and watched them walk until the four disappeared. As the companions left, the Utopians sang them one last song.

God look always after your soul,

And may your tree never grow old.

Someday when we leaves meet again,

May we float on gentle slow winds.

I’ll keep my tears to feed your tree,

You keep yours to plant a new seed.

May the sun shine while it rains,

And cause a rainbow to be your train.

The travellers walked until the sun was high in the sky and their muscles begged for rest. They had passed over a few mountains and a valley, the path once again ran alongside the very same stream. The rich forests that had sheltered them not long ago had passed from sight.

While they walked, Rin talked with Joel, the two had become friends. They now sat together and talked and shared their food.

Not far away, Marc and Lily lay in a patch of soft moss, also eating. Lily frequently listened to what Rin said by using Marc’s mind as an interpreter. She was glad to see that Rin was getting along with Joel.

“Marc, have you ever wondered why they allowed you to come to heaven?” asked Lily.

“I guess its a reward for my unselfish act. Although I feel that there is something more to it. It’s like we, Joel and I, have been following a path that was made long ago just for us.” Joel looked over at Marc. “Like every new situation that we come across, every new person we meet teaches us a little something about God and who we are. I wonder what’s next?”

Just as Joel finished speaking, a melody, clearly made by a flute, danced through the air accompanied by the voice of a boy. The song was not unlike one that Marc and Joel had heard before on earth.

Imagine there’s no earth.

It’s easy if you try.

No planet below us.

Above us only sky.

Imagine all the angels

As the singer entered the four onlookers’ view, he stopped. “Hallo. What’s this? People here? I’ve walked this here path for years and you’re the first ones I’ve seen. How odd.”

“You’re John Lennon!” said Joel walking over to the singer. “I really enjoyed your work on earth.”

“Ah I knew it! I’ve spend me time trying to develop a new style and still you see me as an earthling. I had the same problem after I left the Beatles.” John looked down at the small tree toad which sat on his shoulder. “What do you think I should do, Toad. It would seem inevitable that I will always be judged by my earlier work.”

“Oh John! I’ve told you time and time again. You’ve got to be yourself; if people recognize you for your music you should be flattered. After all, your music represents you at the time you wrote it,” said Toad.

“Won’t you please come and join us for lunch? I’ve always wanted to meet you,” invited Marc.

“I will, but you’ll have to keep your bird at bay, he’s making my toad here nervous,” answered John.

“Oh! Rin?” said Lily, “You needn’t worry he’s a vegetarian.”

“Then my demand for communication with other humans and your hospitality will force me to stay for a little,” said John coming to sit down in the grass.

They talked for hours, and theorized and preached about heaven. At one point John said, “…so you see, I still believe that the populace of earth would be better off if there wasn’t any religion what-so-ever. Because religion creates more problems and wars than it solves. I still wonder why I was sent here when I should have been reincarnated. I don’t consider myself to be perfect to the standards of the Sorom.”

“Perhaps,” suggested Rin, “you were not brought here by the Sorom, but rather by Him.”

“Perhaps,” agreed John, “But for now, let us be happy that we are here. Oh well, I really must be on my way. There is still a song I must write and hopefully someday I will be able to sing it to you. Farewell Marc and Joel of earth, and fairwell to you Heaven Maiden. Till we meet again.”

Rin made a little squawk, the human equivalent of clearing your throat.

“Forgive me! And Adieu to you Master Rin,” said John.

When John had departed, the sun had already begun its decline. Marc suggested that they stop there for the evening, seeing how sore they were and it being their first day. While Marc and Lily prepared for bed, Joel sat in front of the fire holding the blade that had been given to him. While he turned it about in his hands, it would throw off a bright illuminating light in the form of an intensified beam. Joel sat at the fire, pondering the sword, long after the other three had fallen asleep.

Marc and Lily slept side by side, while Rin sat snuggled in his wings above Lily’s head, protecting her from evil and from Marc. Before Marc began to sleep, he thought of his first day on the road again and he felt happy and free. He offered thanks to the Lord, and asked for blessing.